What we do


We envisage AR for everyone

Envisage AR develops augmented reality authoring tools. Our product Envisage provides an easy to use interface that allows non-programmers to quickly create 3D augmented reality scenes from their own models, images and multimedia content. Envisage is available for Windows 7 & 10, with both markerless and marker-based tracking.


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People Involved

The Team

Lei Gao

Lei is a PhD student studying in Mobile Augmented Reality, and has completed several successful Augmented Reality commercial projects as the software engineer.

Robin Watson

Robin is a software developer and works as a programmer for the Envisage software. He is interested in new technology and the future of 3D content.


Mark Billinghurst is a pioneer in Augmented Reality with over 20 years of research and commercialisation experience.

Claire Wei

After receiving a bachelor degree of commerce with honours, Claire started her career at Envisage AR and is in charge of the financial management and marketing. She is eager to help the company to grab more opportunities in the emerging AR industry.

Huidong Bai

Huidong is a researcher and developer with many experience in Mobile Augmented Reality, and has a constant passion for technology and creation in this field.

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