1. Introduction

Envisage is a software tool for creating augmented reality scenes. What is augmented reality? Augmented Reality, or AR, is a technology that merges computer graphics with the real world. In contrast with Virtual Reality, or VR, which presents entirely computer generated environments, AR aims to integrate virtual and real elements seamlessly.

Envisage has three different software tools: Envisage Standard, Envisage Professional and Envisage Viewer.

Envisage Standard uses basic square marker-based tracking to create AR experiences. Envisage Professional allows the user to use images as makers additional to the basic square markers.

The Envisage Viewer can be used by a person who does not have Envisage software, but wants to see the final AR scenes that are created with Envisage Standard and Professional.

Envisage offers many different types of augmentations on the markers. Not only images, but also movies can be placed on a marker as well. These are displayed on 3D planes which can be moved, rotated and scaled just like normal 3D models. Basic primitive shapes, such as spheres, boxes and cylinders, can also be added, so these do not need to be individually modeled and loaded in. Text labels can also be added to annotate scene elements. Finally, sound files can be loaded and attached to markers. The sound is reproduced in 3D, so if the marker is held up to the camera the sound is louder.

There is no limit for a creative mind in Envisage and augmented reality!
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