Image based tracking

This is a simple Envisage scene to get a feel of how easy it is to distribute AR scenes to customers. The video shows opening the AR scene file with Envisage Viewer (Free software).

You can download all the resource files used in this video:


  1. In the same location as this “Readme.txt” file, locate and print out the “kiwi.pdf” file on an A4 paper in color.
  2. Run Envisage Viewer/Envisage Pro application on your computer.
  3. On the menu pane at the top of Envisage Viewer/Envisage Pro window, please select: File > Open Scene.
  4. In “Select a scene file to open” window, browse to the directory where this “Readme.txt” is located.
  5. In the same directory, select “kiwi_scene.scn” and select “Open”.
  6. On the left menu pane, select: Scene > Video.
  7. Under “Video Source”, select “Camera (Video Capture Device)” as an input.
  8. Select your preferable source of video from the list of detected video capture devices.
    (Note: in order for your device to appear on the list, you must have the camera plug-in to the computer before running the Envisage Viewer/Envisage Pro application.
  9. Select “Play” button, and put the “kiwi.pdf” in front of the camera. You should see a 3D-model of a kiwi bird.