Virtual Novex

Marcos Gomez from Spain created this AR application with great examples of what can be done with BuildAR.



  1. Go to Markers folder and print out pdf pages.
  2. Run BuildAR Viewer/BuildAR 2 application on your computer.
  3. On the menu pane at the top of BuildAR Viewer/BuildAR 2 window, please select: File > Open Scene.
  4. In “Select a scene file to open” window, browse to the directory where this “Virtual novex” folder is located.
  5. In the same directory, select “Scene.scn” and select “Open”.
  6. On the left menu pane, select: Scene > Video.
  7. Under “Video Source”, select “Camera (Video Capture Device)” as an input.
  8. Select your preferable source of video from the list of detected video capture devices.
    (Note: in order for your device to appear on the list, you must have the camera plug-in to the computer before running the BuildAR Viewer/BuildAR 2 application.
  9. Select “Play” button, and put each marker of the printed “Markers.pdf” in front of the camera. You should see the showcase demo.

Author comments

This is a video I have used for showing my models to my customers, especially in the educational area.
Part 1: Including the markers in a book
Part 2: Showing Video + Model
Part 3: Two sided marker
Part 4: Complex animation.

Reviewer comments

This work has shown various examples of what can be done with the BuildAR software.
The work includes well designed 3D models, animations, and video clips embedded in the AR scene,
built for various applications areas, including chemistry, geology, astronomy, history, building construction, and mechanics.
Besides, it also shows off an example of using markers/props for different style of interaction,
which is flipping the two sided markers to show different aspects of a 3D model.