Envisage Standard, Pro and Viewer (for Windows 7/ 10)

Envisage is the easiest tool for building desktop Augmented Reality experiences. Using advanced computer vision technology, AR scenes can be created by simply dragging and dropping virtual objects onto printed images. It’s an ideal tool for education, marketing, architecture and many other areas. Just try out our free version to convince yourself of Envisage.


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Augmented Reality

Envisage is a program that allows you to create your own 3D augmented reality scenes. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that lets you interact with the real world and virtual objects at the same time. Three-dimensional virtual models are overlaid on the real world as seen through your computer’s webcam, making them appear to part of your surrounding environment.

Marker- and Image-based Tracking

Envisage also uses marker-based tracking, which means that the 3D models appear attached to physical printed markers you can design yourself. Markers are usually clear black and white square images. Envisage Pro allows you to use the more advanced image-based tracking, turning any photo or image effectively into a marker.

By creating a set of these markers and some 3D models you can easily build up your own augmented reality scene. The 3D models can be made using almost any modeling program or downloaded from many websites on the internet.

User friendly

Envisage provides a graphical user interface that simplifies the process of authoring AR scenes, meaning that you don’t need to be a programmer or computer expert to experiment with Augmented Reality. In fact, Envisage is perfect for all those interested in AR for entertainment, education, marketing, research, design, architecture, and other application areas.


  • load 3D models from a variety of file formats
  • position models relative to real markers
  • easily scale models in the scene
  • customizable tracking patterns
  • support for video input from a variety of sources
  • full-screen AR viewing experience
  • and many more! See the feature comparison list below

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Feature comparison
Feature description Envisage Free Envisage Standard Envisage Professional
1: Only supports ARTK markers;

2: Training only required for ARTK markers, training is not necessary for image markers.

Image based Tracking tick
Add Marker
Generate Pattern tick tick tick
Marker Training tick tick
Add elements to Marker
3D models tick tick tick
Video tick tick
Text tick tick
Images tick tick
Sound tick tick
Fullscreen tick tick tick
AR VR view tick tick
Multiple models per marker tick tick
Built-in help and documentation tick tick
Screenshot button tick tick
Commercial use permitted with custom logo tick tick