Image based tracking

This is a simple Envisage Pro scene to get a feel of how easy it is to distribute AR scenes to customers.

Marker based tracking

This is a simple marker based scene that shows how simple it is to use Envisage and create augmented reality. Coming soon…


AR Physics model book

Jorge Martin-Gutierrez used BuildAR to create augmented reality content as supplement to a studybook. Work is based upon realization of an augmented book applied to teaching in Industrial Engineering.

Stirling Engine

The augmented reality scene created by Sebastian Kerner consists of 4 markers, which represent a Stirling engine in four states. Static, dynamic, a labelled version and one which explains how the engine works.

Virtual Novex

Marcos Gomez from Spain created this AR application with great examples of what can be done with BuildAR.

Envisage user videos

AR objects

An augmented reality test made at home with only a webcam, notebook, Google Sketchup and BuildAR tool.

AR Security Survey

A pilot Augmented Reality application developed at the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University.

Building Collapse Mechanisms

This video is developed for the Building Construction at Eastern Kentucky University to be able to graphically demonstrate the mechanisms and progression of a building collapse.

Enclosure Fire Dynamics

Enclosure fire dynamics model developed for Professor Gorbett at Eastern Kentucky University

Envisage + Sketchup example

A user’s test of using ENvisage and Sketchup to create an augmented reality scene

Infinite stairs

This example shows an ingenious way of using marker-based tracking with markers on all sides of a cube.